Rosetta Cottages


Work has begun on the restoration of Rosetta Cottages by obconstruction. The landmark which is located in Belfast on the Ormeau and Ravenhill Roads. This building is said to be one of the oldest standing houses in Belfast as it was erected back in the 18th century.
The project will see the restoration of six of the grade 2B listed cottages, which has laid vacant for the past 20 year. These unoccupied houses will be restored with our specialised teamime at OB Construction, to create homes that will be able to accommodate two families.
The restoration will take just under a year to complete and we will be retaining the cottages’ original character on the outside. The cottages will be re-roofed and refurbished on the inside. The gardens will also be reconstructed to match the new and improved houses with there modernised insides to suit family life but we will restore original parts of the house like sash windows or skirting's.


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