Mountfern Adult Centre


OB Construction was appointed main contractor for refurbishment works to Ellis Court Hostel for Northern Health & Social Care Trust. Due to the location of the site, works had to be phased and carried out in conjunction with the Health Services daily activities as several other services were located within the complex and buildings adjacent to where construction works were being carried out.  On the East wing, works involved the conversion of a hostel on the second floor to a highly serviced office suite with the associated welfare accommodation. The conversion consisted of rewiring the individual offices with new electrical trunking to facilitate network cables and other office equipment.  On the west wing, works involved the upgrade of a staff dining room and refurbishment of lift to allow disabled access.  Externally, services had to be re routed across the entire complex, entering existing buildings whilst maintaining services. The connection of these services into the existing live building meant that the Health Services contingency planning unit had to be consulted and the site supervisor familiarised with this  should interruption occur.


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